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Presentation Skills Workshops

Coaching Speakers To Make Better Presentations

Doug NunnWhether in group seminars or in one-on-one sessions, Doug Nunn will work to help you make more successful presentations. As a performer with years of experience in front of a variety of crowds, Nunn has learned tools to help you succeed as a speaker. He will facilitate the writing of more cogent and well-structured speeches, improve your vocal presentation, relax your body, and help you gain confidence on your feet in front of a crowd. As a history teacher, Nunn also brings a lifetime of the study of rhetoric, politics and the great speakers of history to his lessons. With a vast library of written speeches from Pericles to Sojourner Truth and Lincoln and video tapes of the likes of Churchill, MLK and JFK, Nunn offers lucid and concrete examples of great speakers. The ultimate goal is to help you give a high-impact and persuasive presentation of your ideas. For more information, please contact Doug Nunn at

Basic Speaking and Presenting

(1 to 2 Days)

This introductory workshop aims to help students write, present, and then improve a speech or presentation. Students may bring speeches they are working on or start from scratch in this course. The curriculum is designed to help tighten up the rhetorical structure of your speech, learn relaxation techniques before you go on stage, deliver your presentation with authenticity and passion, and come to a compelling conclusion. There will be an introduction to the great speeches going back to Ancient Greece and Rome, and continuing through Lincoln, FDR, Sojourner Truth and Martin Luther King.   This class is aimed not only to help students achieve their aims and maximize their impact on an audience, but also to inspire them. For more information, please contact Doug Nunn at

One on One Presentation Coaching

(1/2 to 1 Day Or More)

One can achieve much in a one on one session before a major presentation. This workshop/tutorial can help you craft a speech from scratch or assist your final presentation. Concentrating on the practical realities of the assignment, the venue, and your purpose as a speaker, the aim will be to help you reach your goals. Working to find your voice, tighten your structure, hone your vocal skills, and walk on stage relaxed, the ultimate objective is to help you deliver the best possible presentation.   This workshop/coaching session can be planned to fit in with a busy person's schedule. For more information, please contact Doug Nunn at

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Doug Nunn - Coach / Facilitator