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Improvisational Comedy/Comics Against War

Santa Scolds Bush

Improvisational theatre and comedy is played around the world. From the USA to Europe to Asia and Africa, people perform Theatresports and other forms of improvisational theatre. Improvisers visit theatre groups in different countries, play with each other, have fun and entertain audiences around the world, working to spread joy and increase understanding between peoples.

In 1998 I worked with Marc Schlossarek of the improvisational theatre group TmBH in Konstanz, Germany. In 2003 I received an email from Marc, who was interested in Hit and Run Theater's show "Make Laughs Not War", an improv review, which I produced in Caspar, California in the weeks leading up to Bush's Iraq War. Marc liked the title and the concept behind "Make Laughs Not War"; i.e. that the concept of "preemptive war" was ludicrous and artists should be countering it by spreading joy and creativity. Marc had been asking himself how he could peacefully resist the march to war and thought that "Make Laughs Not War" could be a rallying cry. Improv and Comedy groups around the world would foster laughter for peace and against war--preemptive or otherwise.

"Make Laughs Not War" performances stand as positive protests against war. If improv or comedy groups were to be so inclined, some of their show proceeds could even go to war refugees or other meaningfully related peaceful causes. Even if there are not substantial proceeds, the shows still might stand as   significant forms of protest. Visit and join the movement, for we are all in this together!


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