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Improvisational Theatre/Comedy Workshops

Using Improvisation to Develop Team Skills and Harmony

Nunn offers a variety of courses for theatre groups and schools, intended both to provide the basics of improvisational theatre and to help groups dig deeper into a creative topics like storytelling and genre. There are also workshops designed to help groups write and present their own comedy revue.

Improv Comedy Basic Workshop

(2 Days to a Week)*

In this workshop we will explore the basics of improvised theatre--spontaneity, teamwork, storytelling, character, emotions and status work, and build toward presenting a workshop performance or perhaps even a show! Each day a variety of warm-ups, exercises and improvised games will be presented, games which are the basis of every improv group from Second City   to Whose Line is It Anyway?   This workshop can be structured for a group that wants to learn how to do an improvised show, for a theatre ensemble that wants to add improvisation to its list of talents, or for a group just looking for new inspiration.

*(This workshop can also be given over a series of weeks rather than consecutive days.)

Storytelling and Narrative Workshop

(1-3 Days)

At the root of entertainment is the story, and it is the basis of theatre, movies and literature. Storytelling is an innate human skill which is explored in detail over the course of this 2-3 day workshop. We will work with exercises, games, and build scenes meant to develop your inherent abilities as storytellers. We will work from individual stories to group stories to longer stories in a variety of genres.

Genre Intensive Workshop

(1-3 Days)

For those groups who have the basics down, yet yearn to build more nuance into their work, this 1-3 day workshop on genres may be just what the Doctor ordered. Starting with story basics, we then work toward understanding the archetypes of various genres and then expand into more nuanced work on everything from Sci Fi to Westerns to Soap Operas. This workshop aims to demystify genres and make them more accessible.

The Comedy Revue Workshop

Basic Workshop: 5 days / Advanced: 2 Weeks

A comedy revue is built upon the ideas of the workshop participants in this workshop, designed for theatre groups or businesses that want to put on an original revue. Whether you want to skewer the national political scene or just the knuckleheads around the office, Nunn offers performing and writing workshops aimed at helping you produce a satirical series of funny scenes and parodies, which can enliven any thing from an office Christmas party to your next theatrical production. The goal of this workshop is indeed to develop material for an original revue.

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