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As business, union and organizational professionals advance in their careers, the importance of engaging the public takes on increasing importance. Tapping the skills of someone who has spent a lifetime engaging audiences both as a successful entertainer and as a teacher can be a shortcut to success. Doug Nunn can provide you with such skills as he has been performing and coaching improvisational theatre since 1987, having worked across Europe and the western USA with businesses, schools, and theatre groups.   He presents a variety of workshops designed to help clients become better speakers and presenters, businesses work better as teams, and theatres and schools develop stronger and more harmonious theater ensembles. Doug Nunn has worked with businessmen, computer programmers, union reps, actors, and difficult students. He has a lifetime of experience working across cultural divides--having served as Artistic Director of Theatresports UK in Britain, as an improv coach in Holland, and in Germany and Switzerland, where he works with theatre and school groups in their native tongue.   Doug has also worked as a Drama teacher throughout Northern California with a variety of theatre and school groups. He has taught high school History, English, and German to students across the spectrum--from Advanced Placement students, to at risk kids, to emotionally disturbed children. His book Show Ab--Workbook for Improv Theater and Skit Writing with Teens is a theatrical mainstay in German speaking countries and is available as an ebook in English. For more information, please contact Doug Nunn at or 707-937-0360.

Workshop Offerings

Doug brings his years of coaching and teaching experience into the corporate, union and organizational arena with a variety of workshop offerings. Combining plentiful experience as a theatre and improv coach with many years as a History, Civics, and Literature teacher, Nunn's workshops combine a pragmatic goal orientation and real world awareness with fun and games.   All workshops are offered for groups, smaller class sizes, or as one-on-one consultations and can be worked into a busy schedule. The aim is to bring improvisation and teamwork exercises to bear in dealing with business challenges and to help your group achieve its goals, in a time frame that works for you.

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Doug Nunn - Coach / Facilitator