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Doug Nunn with the Mendocino High 2004 team.

Teen Workshops:
Improvisational Theatre/Comedy

Doug Nunn has coached improvisation for Mendocino High School on and off since 1992. Since 2000, the MHS Improv Club has had regular improvisational comedy revues in mid-February. Shows include 2004's The Slave Labor Comedy Tour presents Come to Beautiful Hawaii, 2005's That's a Lot of Nuts, 2006's Skips, Skops, Skanks and Skaliwags, 2007's Every Hour is Happy Hour, 2010's Bearshark, The Musical and 2013's The Democratic People's Improv Team of North Korea Tickles Your Laugh Hole.

Nunn has also worked extensively with British and German teenagers from London to Munich and Berlin. He offers basic improvisational workshops, geared toward helping teen groups produce a show within a specific amount of time. A week of full time workshops can lead to a "workshop show" by the end of the week or twice weekly workshops can lead to a basic improvised show within six weeks.   For more advanced teen drama groups, Nunn also offers storytelling, genre, and character workshops.

Improv Comedy
Basic Workshop

(2 Days to a Week)*

In this workshop we will explore the basics of improvised theatre–spontaneity, teamwork, storytelling, character, emotions and status work, and build toward presenting a workshop performance or perhaps even a show! Each day a variety of warm-ups, exercises and improvised games will be presented, games which are the basis of every improv group from Second City  to Whose Line is It Anyway?   This workshop can be structured for a teen group that wants to learn how to do an improvised show, for a theatre ensemble that wants to add improvisation to its list of talents, or for a group just looking for new inspiration.

*(This workshop can also be given over a series of weeks rather than consecutive days.)

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Doug Nunn - Coach / Facilitator